.my DOMAIN REGISTRY (MYNIC): Procedure to Register .my Domain Name

In order to register a .com.my/.net.my/.org.my (YourDomain) domain, information as listed below are needed.


Registrant Details

Organization Name:

Organization Registration Number:





Administrative Contact






Please be reminded to fax your company / organization  supporting document (for example: Form-D or Form-9) to us at +606-2322464..


NOTE: The Administrative Contact must be an authorized employee of the Registrant.

After we have submitted the domain name for registration, Administrative Contact shall receive a domain name registration confirmation email with the subject "Confirmation Form to register YourDomain.com.my".

Client may need to print out this confirmation email, put down your company stamp clearly, signed by Administrative Contact and have it fax back to +606-2322464. in order for .my Domain Registry(Mynic) to approve and activate your domain name.

Upon receiving your confirmation form, Administrative Contact shall receive a domain registration approved email with the subject "Registered - YourDomain.com.my" to confirm your .my domain name has been successfully approved and activated.

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