How to change my nameserver manually?

1) If you don't have your username

2)Once receive your username, you can reset your password as per below :

3) To change your nameserver please follow as below :
  • Navigate to Domain Name -> Modify Domain
  • Search for your domain
  • Select your preferred domain and click Modify
  • Tick Modify Nameserver
  • Choose Modify Nameserver or Add/Remove Nameserver
  • Insert your contact code : CKEY0000173330

4) To retrieve your domain contact code

  • Go to this link : http://whois.domainremy
  • Insert your preferred domain name without the extension.
  • Choose your domain extension.
  • Click “Submit” to get your domain information.
  • Scroll down and look into “Administrative Contact Code” section.
  • Your contact code should looks like as per below :

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